The Millionaire Bathrooms of Kent

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Being plumbers in Tenterden, we’ve seen and fitted our fair share of Kent bathrooms. What you may be shocked by is how easily you can achieve or how similar your bathroom may be to those in some of the most expensive homes in the county.

Take a look of 5 bathrooms from million £ Kent homes!

  1. Old But Classic

Plumber in Tenterden Maidstone Kent Plumber in Kent

So you might not have as much space as this millionaire bathroom, but what you can do is make a major feature of your bathtub. Clawfoots are a beaut!

The Bathroom Shop in Tenterden has a wonderful selection of clawfoot and other stunning bathrooms that you can make a feature of!

2. Modern Simple

A familiar look and size! Consider a double sink for your bathroom too, it takes luxury up a notch but is also extremely useful for family use.

Want some inspiration on how to make twin sinks work? Check out this Pinterest page for some great picks.

3. Chic

Again, this millionaire bathroom is working with a massive space but what they’ve done that we can all do – accessories. A great use of candlesticks – looks great but also perfect for long soaks in the tub.

Local furniture boutique, Woodcocks has some beautiful accessories especially in their candles sections.

4. Natural

What a gorgeous yet so achievable space. What’s great about this bathroom is storage! The most functional family bathrooms have great storage – think about using wicker baskets to neaten up your family bathroom too.

Not sure you can beat Amazon for wicker storage, we really like this piece which is exceptionally versatile.

5. Taps

Not actually our favourite taps but what this bathroom is trying to do is beautify what’s quite a simple room with simple, sleek taps. Easily achieved with a simple refit – not need for an overhaul!

Back to The Bathroom Shop for great advice & tips on gorgeous taps for your bathroom uplift!

Your bathroom is probably way closer to a millionaire bathroom installation in Kent than you could have ever thought! Simple & cost effective amendments can take your bathroom from blah to wow!

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