Plumbing Tips For The Kent Winter

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The past week or so has been cold! Tenterden and all around looks absolutely lovely but it’s definitely a hat & scarf job! When it’s cold, your family home plumbing needs your help. Here’s 4 helpful DIY tips you can use courtesy of the Plumbers in Ashford !

  1. Clear those gutters

Whether you get someone in or do it yourself, a blocked gutter is a plumbing disaster waiting to happen. Be sure to give yours a check & clear to avoid unnecessary blockages, bursts & leaks. Here’s the how to!

2. Make sure your garden hose is disconnected

Plumbers in Ashford

Nice & easy one – but if you don’t do it, you could have a pressure build up and you won’t be able to DIY that the problem that causes!

3. Insulate

Plumbers in Tenterden Plumbers in Maidstone Boiler Heating Repairs Blocked Drains Leaks

Covering pipes either in foam or even blankets can prevent them from freezing over. If we hit below 0 again, we definitely recommend taking a few moments to cover some of your pipework.

Search “pipe lagging” to buy some online – this brand is well rated on Amazon.

4. Keep The Family Home Warm

In all fairness, you’re probably doing this one! But keep Kitchen & Bathroom doors open and try to heat every room if you can. Subtle changes in temperature can have major impacts on your plumbing so keep things toasty to reduce the risks!

Hands up if you think the beauty of Kent in the winter is worth a little plumbing problem prevention?? We certainly are a lucky bunch!


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